ARBUST – High pressure treated wood: «Material of the future! »

Founded in 2003, the ARBUST association – Association pour la Revalorisation du Bois Utilisant un Système de Traitement (association for the revalorisation of wood using a treatment system) – aims at valorizing, managing wood with conferred durability.
logo-arbustARBUST regroups wood processors as well as treatment equipment suppliers and wood preservative manufacturers. All are committed to respecting existing standards and certifications.
High pressure treated wood is a sustainable material produced by responsible professionals offering reliable solutions that are reasonable in terms of durability conferred to various works.
The ARBUST members, thanks to their know-how and their technical knowledge, are available for advising and bringing relevant answers to their clients.
Depending on its utilization and the risks incurred by wood facing external attacks (insects, fungi and humidity), a deep treatment is necessary in order to guarantee a timber preserved for numerous years.

Building a house, designing a garden, decorating, embellishing, managing space, securing road sides, erecting noise barriers… high pressure treated wood has all the advantages for projects to become perennial reality. Wood is strength… and even more when it benefits of an efficient treatment.

Choosing high pressure treated wood is:

  • Encouraging the use of sustainably managed European softwood species;
  • Contributing actively to greenhouse emission reductions through the durability of this material;
  • Limiting global warming by increasing timber’s lifespan.

ARBUST defends these principles and commits, every day, to providing its entire dimension to a material of the future in respect with sustainable development.